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 about me 

Height: 5'9"   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Native American Actor: Lakota/Mohawk

Toe to Toe  |  Co-Star  |  Netflix

AMERICA'S MOST WANTED #21.3  |  Co-Star  |  Fox TV


CHINA WHITE  |  Lead  |  Dir/Writers: The Robinson Bros

IT WILL BE OKAY  |  Lead |  Dir/Writer: Stephen Kinigopolous

MUMMER  |  Lead  | Dir/Writer: Dom Hilton

DAMAGE DONE  |  Lead  |  Maple Avenue Productions

ONE EVENING |  Lead  |  Dir/Writer: Isaiah Headon

1:17 AM |  Lead  |  Dir/Writer: Charley Flyte

I WOULD DIE FOR YOU  |  Lead  |  Dir/Writer: Charley Flyte



A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM | Titania/Hippolyta | South Dakota Shakespeare Festival 2019

PARENTS WEEKEND | Maeve | Native Voices at The Autry Short Play Festival 2018

CHILE LOVER | Carla | Native Voices at The Autry Short Play Festival 2018

RUSH  | Rosie | Dir: Christopher Diercksen, Writer: Callie Kimball, Team Awesome Robot, NYC

BELLA'S DREAM  |  Lucy  |  Dir: Jesse Friedman, Writer: Dana Boll, Jewish Theater Workshop, Baltimore, MD

UNDER A BIG SKY (Workshop) | Ronnie | Dir. Craig A. Miller, Writer: Randy Reinholz

THE ABSENTEE (Workshop) | The Operator (Lead) | Portland Stage Little Festival of the Unexpected, Dir. Todd Backus, Writer: Julia Doolittle, Portland, ME​​

KING FISH (Reading) | Gwen | Dir. LA Williams, Writer: Pia Wilson, NYC


FENCES (Reading) | Rose | Winters Lane Theater



Acting, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


IMPROV 101 | Sarah Claspell | Upright Citizens Brigade (LA)

SCENE STUDY  |  Terry Schreiber  |  T. Schreiber Studio (NYC)

ON CAMERA TECHNIQUE  |  Peter Miner  |  T. Schreiber Studio (NYC)​

AUDITION TECHNIQUE  |  Karen Kohlhaas  |  Atlantic Theater School (NYC)

COLD READING TECHNIQUE | Loren Chadima | Intentional Acting



Beginner Spanish, Beginner French, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Rock Climbing, Computer Programming, Painting, Drawing, Teleprompter

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